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Had hearing test on Feb 6,2015 with AccuQuest. Was told to sign contract before i could see hearing aids. They hurt my ears and when i returned them he became angry,rude and bitter. Cost me 600.00 loss. AccuQuest anyone? Add comment

  • Mar 16
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors
  • Hearing Aids
  • 103

You are judging someone on a topic you are ignorant about. This is supposed to be a place to comment. The piece was about the real cost of hearing aids. Think what you like but It is not your place to judge. Every time a client walks into buy hearing airs they are robbed. The audiologists are the thieves. Seniors get no benefits from Medicare for hearing aids. There were 3 senior people with... Read more

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Not a complaint as much of an observation. All of the people commenting and say that they are "professionals" there language a manor of speech seem to betray them. They are more like the "professionals" I have been dealing with. I am new to hearing aids and have yet to purchase my first pair. Add comment

  • Feb 11
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • Fairview Park, Ohio
  • Hearing Aids
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  • 652

The base cost of 2 hearing aids, brand unidentified by audiologist was $850.00. I found out when I purchased my last pair of hearing aids in the Cleveland, OH area for $4800. 5 years ago. My insurance paid a small percentage of the cost. The audiologist billed them as a participating provider. Normally if you go to your regular doctor, you sign a statement agreeing to pay any balance of the... Read more

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  • Feb 09
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • Hearing Aids Repair
  • 319

if you need your hearing aids repaired, check the internet for lower cost. If you need new hearing aids check the internet for a better price. Most of the so called hearing aid stores are a big rip off including Cosco, they always try and sell you more than you need BEWARE I was told that my hearing aid would cost me $350 to repair and $3000 for a new one That $700 for repairing two and $6000... Read more

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  • Dec 05, 2014
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • Placerville, California
  • Positive Experience
  • 1458

This is not a complaint but a balancing statement. I'm on my third set of Costco hearing aids and getting ready to buy the fourth pair (for $3000). My first audiologist retired, second one transferred and I dumped the 3rd because she didn't listen (ironic) and went to a different Costco. The audiologist there is great, works hard to adjust the aids to my hearing needs and makes sure I'm... Read more

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  • Oct 23, 2014
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Defective Hearing Aids
  • 2
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  • 1888

I tossed my Siemens hearing aids in the trash. After spending over six thousand dollars for them and thinking I was set for life, it seemed each time I brought them in for adjustment, I left with less hearing. Eventually at the 5th year they pretty much both gave up the ghost and I was told that Siemens probably won't even repair them after 5 years. You could say they are disposable. The worst... Read more

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  • Oct 12, 2014
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • Miserable Service
  • 3
  • 3
  • 1188

Miserable experience. I'm a 20 year veteran of hearing aids and know what to expect. I would rather pay more in the long run for quality service and a less frightening experience. A 1 hr. appt. took over 2 hrs. The audiologist lacked training with the new Phonac Brio and the computer programming for it. There was no one to answer phones, so my appt. was interrupted 3 times and started 30 min.... Read more

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  • Jun 09, 2014
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • Unanswered Emails
  • 634

9 unanswered emails for status on my WIDEX repair. 11 phone calls.... nothing. Package left by FEDEX (confirmed) but nothing from the repair center Line disconnected ???? Who knows? Line is no longer "in service". So, package delivered, no status, no update, no communcations, nothing at all. BUT..... they keep their web site up looking for business. Now, why is that? I suspect this... Read more

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  • Apr 30, 2014
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • Hearing Aids
  • 2
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  • 677

Md hearing aids.....TOTALLY WASTED MY HARD EARNINGS ... IT A SCAM THERE CHEAP AMPLIFICATION ..WITH AN ADJUSTMENT? IF UR hearing is bad...you don't know where to adjust to in the end you end up damaging you're ears FURTHER? THAT'S RIGHT ALSO WHEN U ORDER COMES YOU NEED TO KEEP THEM FOR 21 DAY'S ...THEN U forget to return WASTED HARD CASH!!? Read more

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