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Complaing about my Seimons hearing aid,purchsed seimons hearing aid for my left ear, price was crazy have had nothing but problems from the gehko, had to have fixed 3 times since purchase , terrible experience have still cannot hear with it will be seeking service else ware. will never understand Why? they treat customers like that will never purchase another siemons hearing aid again terrible product, terrible price, terrible service ,tired... Read more

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Hearing aids are scam/markup. My 1st pair was $3,500.Then when I needed another pair (after finding out--everybody pays different like a car), I made 6 appointments in one day and told the clerks what I want/and showed them,don't need a hearing test,etc. Two clerks weren't interested in selling me what I wanted, instead some BS pair for $4,000=Yeah right.Out the door I went, then I went to the last appointment and told her "I don't need a sales... Read more

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Strips of foam material with adhesive backing is provided by some companies. This material is to be used to apply to the hearing aid to provide a better fit in order to reduce feedback and etc. Some cos. charge in excess of $12.00 for less than a dozen of this material which is only about 2 inches long. You can go to a kids' section in a crafts store and buy similar material in a pack of many sheets or a pack of rewards stars for $8 or $4,... Read more

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I have worn hearing aids for over 40 year's. I called Hearing Planet from their Internet address and phone number, they referred me to a hearing aid specialist in Akron Ohio. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Staff and Owners extremely experienced and helpful. I have been back to their office only a few times for computer adjustments, I know that this is the best service I have ever received and I hear really good now. I will recommend... Read more

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Hearing aids are high-tech you are paying-someone-to-fit-them. You buy a high end stereo its $4000.00 and its not minaturized to go in your ear and hearing aids do more. Plus-you-have-professional-care-involved, lawyers costs 150/hr plus. It amazes-me-its not 10 000.00 an-ear for-the-amount-of-time-and energy that goes into making them, researching-them and fitting them. Do you think your-audiologist-or-hearing aid-specialist-should-work... Read more

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If you have hearing loss your best course of action is to get hearing aids! Unless you want to fully isolate yourself from the world, please go out and get a hearing aid. Look for the best service provider and not just on price. Most service providers give you a time or number of appointments to fine-tune your aids. It is not an exact science, but more of an art form mixed with math. Every person is different and every ear is different so a... Read more

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Had hearing test on Feb 6,2015 with AccuQuest. Was told to sign contract before i could see hearing aids. They hurt my ears and when i returned them he became angry,rude and bitter. Cost me 600.00 loss. AccuQuest anyone? Read more

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You are judging someone on a topic you are ignorant about. This is supposed to be a place to comment. The piece was about the real cost of hearing aids. Think what you like but It is not your place to judge. Every time a client walks into buy hearing airs they are robbed. The audiologists are the thieves. Seniors get no benefits from Medicare for hearing aids. There were 3 senior people with limited resources there who were trying on each... Read more

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Not a complaint as much of an observation. All of the people commenting and say that they are "professionals" there language a manor of speech seem to betray them. They are more like the "professionals" I have been dealing with. I am new to hearing aids and have yet to purchase my first pair.

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The base cost of 2 hearing aids, brand unidentified by audiologist was $850.00. I found out when I purchased my last pair of hearing aids in the Cleveland, OH area for $4800. 5 years ago. My insurance paid a small percentage of the cost. The audiologist billed them as a participating provider. Normally if you go to your regular doctor, you sign a statement agreeing to pay any balance of the insurance companies UCR (contracted fee with provider).... Read more

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