The consequence of an abrupt initial phone conversation resulted in an interview this afternoon with an unusual individual with an extraordinary education,interest,career,and motivation, to get involved with the usage of hearing aids.

This individual is 87 years old, has had an extraordinary education, and career. Because of his intellect,motivation,character,and drive, he has had a very successful career.

He had a very moderate hearing loss with an emphasis on a deficit in the higher frequencies.

The consequences of such a loss are usually the misunderstanding of the spoken word.

The question has to be: How important is it to understand the word Beach when spoken, as opposed to thinking it was Peach.

Is it worth $5,000 or $6,000 Dollars? I don't think so.

After a stimulating 2 hour conversation and interview with this Prospective Client, I suggested that I really didn't he needed hearing aids.

I think he was shocked.

I suggested he train those he was associated with, or exposed to, to learn how to speak in a way to be understood, instead of everyone having to adapt to their poor speaking habits.

They should join Toastmasters.

It appears that I have met another Guy with some Hearing Problems, who in the end, will become a Friend.

There is more to life than selling hearing aids.

Buyer Beware

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