It is a State of California Requirement that all those engaged in the Dispensing of Hearing Aids must acquire 12 Hours of Continuing Education.

The Appropriate Authorities located in Sacramento solicit and receive proposed Seminar Content which a Board has to approve in order to grant credit for the participation by Hearing Aid Dispensers to meet the 12 Hour Requirement.

There are usually many Seminars offered to Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers throughout the State of California to meet the State Requirements and the cost of the Seminars is substantial and is paid for by those attending.

It can be a very profitable venture for those promoting and producing such Seminars.

The cost for the Seminar last Saturday produced by Dr.Mike Metz, a PHD in Audiology, was $225.00 per participant.

There were 3 highly qualified, informative,and entertaining, Presenters.

All 3 Presents had PHD's and were very qualified and informative.

They knew their Subjects, and were all very effective in presenting their information.

It was a very worthwhile experience.

One of the most interesting subjects, at least for me, was the presentation pertaining to the influence in the condition of the Brain in the effectiveness in the Perceived Value of any Hearing Aid.

I have long felt that the subject of the condition of the Brain is a very important part in the success of using a hearing aid.

I know that in the future, all those involved in the study and analysis of Brain Function, and performance, will be more involved in the Manufacturing of Hearing Aids.

Some People may be suspected as suffering from Dementia, when in fact they only suffer from a Hearing Loss.

If you don't understand the Spoken Word correctly, as it is spoken, How can you be expected to remember it correctly.

If there is a malfunctioning Auditory System, no Hearing Aid, now or in the future, can compensate for that problem.

Obviously, there is much more to resolving or improving hearing and understanding the Spoken Word Correctly, than just the purchase and use of any hearing aid.

Absurd, or unrealistic expectations, of any Hearing Aid or Hearing Aid Dispenser, are unfortunate.

Dishonest Promises and Unrealistic Expectations presented by any Hearing Aid Dispenser for any reason, including the Sale of Any Hearing Aid is disgusting.

Buyer Beware

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