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Supposedly, there are currently 7 Million Users of Hearing Aids in the United States alone.

It is estimated there are about 30 Million more People that suffer from some type of hearing loss.

I don't quite know what that means. What does suffering from a hearing loss mean?

Does suffering from a Hearing Loss mean that the Person with the Hearing Loss is some how suffering, or are the People associated ,with or exposed to, such a Person, really the People who are suffering?

Even in that case, what does suffering mean?

Would a more appropriate expression be: Inconvenienced?





What pain is experienced?

What conversations are missed?

In my opinion, if having any type of Hearing Loss was such a Critical Condition, there would be some type of a mass effort to eliminate or at least minimize the problem.

The fact is, that having a minimum hearing loss, based on the position of the Xs and Os on a piece of paper, called an Audiogram, is only an indication of a potential problem, either in employment, or social interaction (intercourse).

The extent of the inconvenience, difficulty,etc, depends on the needs of each Individual.

Hearing, and Hearing Loss is very subjective.

An Attorney with any type of Hearing Loss has different needs that a Truck Driver.

A Teacher,Professor,Instructor, or a Real Estate Sales Person, has different needs, than a retired Justice.

Whatever the condition, need, usage, interest,hearing loss, experience with Hearing Aids, what AMAZES ME MOST, IS THE LACK OF INTEREST IN THE INFORMATION THAT THIS WEB SITE HAS PROVIDED ON THE USE AND OWNERSHIP OF HEARING AIDS.

In my opinion, there has never been anything written on any Product,Policy,Practice,Industry,Ethics,Pricing,Policies,etc.etc,etc, than that provided on the Website on any Product.

Add to the above, the People that use the Product, Primarily the Senior Citizens of American, who are being exploited and ripped-off, and you would think there would be more interest in what is being written.

What it says to me, is that Nobody Cares.

Maybe, People get what they deserve.

Buyer Beware

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So it\'s ok with you that the most vulnerable of HOH is raped.......

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