I have written about an Engineer type, and all that represents, which is the nemesis and anathema to all People in the Hearing Aid Industry.

They are regarded as the worse type of clients,.

Always asking technical questions beyond the scope of the People they are dealing with.

Actually I enjoy the challenge, because I always just say, when it get beyond reason, Grow Up.

Here are the facts of life.

For some reason, that at this time I don't know why, a Man named Frank called me for information on a Widex Product.

When he asked me if I could give him a bid on the product he was interested in, I stated that I didn't know any reason why I couldn't.

When he asked me if I was just saying that in an attempt to get him to come into my office where perhaps I would then attempt to sell him another product, I knew we had a problem.

This Man was so opinionated, I wanted to meet him.

I love intellectual, or any other type of challenge,.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I listened more than I spoke.

He went on and on, and I must admit I was impressed.

I told him I didn't think any Manufacturer had any advantage over any other Manufacturer, but I thought that comment felt on deaf ears.

He was so opinionated that I felt,and stated, of course not to him, that I didn't really want him as a Client.

I did invite him to visit me after he purchased the Hearing Aids that he insisted he wanted, and he said he would.

Since my basic premise and position is, that any Hearing Aid is just one part of the equation,the Client,and the Hearing Aid Dispenser,being the other parts,I felt that perhaps I am the only one that feels that way.

Evidently, perhaps because of the way he was treated, this Prospect called me today and requested an interview.

He said that he thought that perhaps I was right.

I am looking forward to meeting with this Guy just to see where he is coming from.

I think he may be dreaming,or unrealistic,as far as what his expectations are regarding,Hearing Aids, and I am anxious to find out.

I am confident I will enjoy the challenge.

I believe Right Wins Out.

I have nothing to hide.

I want to share my observations,experiences,and education,in the Hearing Aid Industry, for the past 24 years.

I have no ulterior motive,and I certainly don't need,or have any desire,to sell him new Hearing Aids.

I love being right.

Buyer Beware

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