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In the Los Angeles Times today, June 25,2007, Miracle-Ear, in a full page ad, which has to cost thousands of dollars, announced that they are looking for just 30 People to complete a study or survey, as to whether their new Product will perform the way they expect it to.

At the present time, there seems to exist some idea that requesting a limited study of something, or anything, is an effective way to dupe People in participating, since such People will feel that they are actually participating in some type of legitimate research project or study.

The People that create such advertising strategy

are at the level of being thiefs, except they don't have the guts to actually steal or commit a Felony.

If any adult rational Person would study such an advertisement, the deception and fraud would be apparent.

Why such a legitimate Company, such as Miracle-Ear, feels they have to resort to Chicanery and Fraud and deception, is beyone me.

An Honest Representation of the facts,services,and prices, is all that any legitimate Company has to provide.

All Consumers realize,understand,and accept, that a legitimate Company, providing a legitimate product, and legitimate services, has to make a profit to stay in business to provide all of the above.

You don't have to be an MBA to understand that.

Honesty is the best policy. And its good business.

Buyer Beware.

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In the early 80s there was such strong comp between Beltone and Miracle Ear they both came up with some creative advertising.Date Line 20/20 reported the elderly scam and Miracle Ear ended up with a class action lawsuit that hurt them bad, but only encouraged them to come up with more creative ways to trick elderly consumers.

One thing was to offer a $395 aid that was a bait and switch. In 2006 they started a countrywide take over of small family owned stores manipulating invoices, forcing owners to pay large advertising fees that were not wanted because they were deceptive. I wish I could reach that certian person capable of investigating this company and putting a stop to thier taking advantage of old folks. There is so much about this company people dont know.

The current owner Amplifone are some of the most powerful people in the hearing bussiness and use attorneys like Fredrickson and Warner to do thier dirty deeds. Please pass this information on, let anyone you know with hearing related probles that Miracle ear hasnow figured out when you leave on of their stores in Sears or freestanding office without purchasing they will probably get that $5000 to $7000 in one of thier stores that you dont know is Miracle Ear, Walmart Hearing centers, Amplifone, Seimens, American, Sonus. Please send this info to someone that looks into elderly abuse or a reporting source like Dateline if you know a contact. I spoke to the wrong person and was shut up with threats...

They know I know but I cant risk my familys well being. Please help if you can.

Paul Diamico, Pam Peck, Becky Zubick shame on you.God please have mercy on thier souls.

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