Phonak, the World's largest conglomerate Hearing Aid Manufacturer,with BRANS that include Beltone,ReSount,Phonak,Unitron,and others, that only they may be aware of, have just released a National Advertising Campaign, costing over 5 Million Dollars, to announce their latest, very fashionably designed, new assistive listening device,labeled the "Audeo". It has got to be the most attractive and modernistic hearing aid ever designed. They have created more color designs and color combination designs than most Bluetooth Products. The device is so small it is deceptive as to what it actually is.

All devices, identified as Hearing Aids, are really only intended for one purpose: So that the spoken word is heard and understood accurately.

For some very technical reason, and after much technical research, it has been established that the consonants in speech are responsible for distinguishing the differences in the spoken word.

Basically, the consonants are spoken in the frquencies identical to the pure tones provided by the 24 keys on the right hand side of a Piano Keyboard. There are 88 black & white keys on a Piano Keyboard, all speech sounds are heard in the 48 keys on the right hand side of the keyboard. There are 12 keys to an octave (an octave is when the vibrations of sound are doubled such as from 125 kh to 250 kh to 500 kh to 1,000 kh to 2000 kh to 4000 kh. The last key on the right hand side vibrates at about 4100 cycles per second. The lst key on the left vibrates at about 25 cycles per second. Most Humans can't hear below 20 cycles per second, although we can feel the vibrations below 20 cycles per second.

A hearing test provided by a Hearing Aid Dispenser, which is what all People are called that sell Hearing Aids, whether they are a Medical Doctor, PHD Audiologist, a less degreed Audiologist, or a Hearing Aid Specialist or Hearing Aid Salesperson, or whatever title they bestow upon themselves.

Anybody that sells hearing aids is a Salesperson,period. Why would anyone spend years in College and Medical School to sell Hearing Aids?

Its called tremendous profit and compensation.

Buy a hearing aid for $750 and sell it for $3,000 times 2 ears equals $4,500 profit for about 4 hours work.It beat working in a School District for $30,000 per year.

But that doesn,t detract from PHONAK'S new hearing aid.

The Campaign is being directed to the Younger Generation than those normally targeted as Hearing Aid Users. An attempt to remove the perceived stigma.

The largest potential for Hearing Aid sales are those People who only have a High Frquency hearing loss, and the wearing of a Hearing Aid is optional.

After all, we really won't go to War over the misunderstanding of one word. Sometime it even provides for a laugh.

But if a Person is involved in a Profession whereby the precise and exact understanding of the spoken work is critical, such as an Attorney,Doctor,Accountant,Real Estate Agent, Salesperson,or practically any employed Person, of if any other Person suffering from a High Frequency Hearing Loss wants to represented as they really are, and to participate in Business,Personal,or Social Functions, with no embarrassment or humiliation, then they should probably try and experiment with these newly designed assistive listening devices.

Historically, People with a High Frequency Hearing Loss couldn't, or wouldn't, wear Hearing Aids, because of discomfort, feeling of being plugged up, or unmanageable feed-back or squealing problems. That has all been resolved with this new design and Feedback management systems similar to that provided by the BOSE headset designs, with Digital Signal Processing.

In the JULY ISSUE OF VANITY FAIR, there is an ad reflecting the typically young USER of the Audeo System. There is an 800 (toll free) number that provides access to all PHONAK HEARING AID DEALERS IN THE UNITED STATES. If you have a hearing loss, or think you do, and want to find out, or if you just want an interesting experience, ask anyone you know of in the Hearing Aid Industry or that uses Hearing Aids, about the AUDEO SYSTEM.

It the hottest new subject in the industry.

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I need to know of a Phonax hearing aid location in or near Modesto, CA because mine needs to be fixed -- lost the tiny tip on the section of the wire that fits into the ear.


Good covered point, lots of people simply put something weired theories in front of public.

But it doesn’t work i think because know one sure how it will going to happen

It looks like just coping ideas which someone has already written. I found even on

popular blogs guest bloggers bring same theories which I already know. I observed they

just try to spice up their article without knowing what really audience want to read.

Hearing aid accessories


In the "Free-Market" which in Economics is how we describe the United States, anyone, can sell anything, for whatevere the "Traffic (Competition) will bear.

I am confident the prices for the same exact thing will also vary in Florida.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer, of any product or service, to shop for the best price, if that is what they are interested in.

Lawyers,Dentists,and probably all Professionals, charge different rates for their service.

That identifys AMERICA.


Why is it that the same open fit hearing aid in Tampa, Fla will cost consumers $1,000 more than the same hearing aid in Idaho? Are audiologist out for a quick buck or what?


get tested with insert earphones in soundproof room-no exceptions. avoid ITEs like the plague-too many problems. try openfit style if loss appropriate

Herdecke, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #24952

Gettting a hearing test friday---what ear devices should I avoid?

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