All PHONAK products, including the Remote Controls mentioned, have serial numbers assigned and enscribed, and are recorded by PHONAK.

This has been proven to be benefical, not only for warranty purposes, but in one instance where an Audiologist (also known as a Hearing Aid Dispenser) in a SONUS office sold a PHONAK Hearing Aid User a Remote Control Man's Watch, as a New Product, when in fact it was used, and about 5 years old.

This was discovered when the Hearing Aid User divulged to another Hearing Aid Dispenser (also a PHONAK Dealer, and a Competitor to the other Dispenser) that he bought the Remote Control Watch for $400,00 and the only problem was that he had to have both batteries replaced in the Watch at a cost of $20,00 at a local Jeweler. Since all the Remotes have a serial number, including the Watches, a call to PHONAK Customer Service revealed that the Watch in question was about 5 years old.

The PHONAK Hearing Aid User was shocked and very disappointed. His Wife, however, being a more agressive Personality, returned the Remote Control Watch to the SONUS Hearing Aid Office, and demanded a Full Refund of the money paid.

After an extended hassle, the Audiologist (Hearing Aid Dispenser) knowing the Law on Fraud, at least in the State of California, had the SONUS Corporate Office send a Refund Check of the full amount paid.

Evidently no Complaint was filed with the State of California regarding this action.

The PHONAK Hearing Aid User bought a new PHONAK Remote Control Man's Watch with a steel band and a Black Face, and enjoys using it in conjunction with his hearing aids, and also enjoys the use of a very good timepiece.


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Where on the Internet can I buy the Phonak Wrist watch with the hearing aid controls on it?

to Peter R. Kote Chagrin Falls, Ohio, United States #954920

I just got one at a garage sale.... make me an offer

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