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Although I personally don't subscribe, or agree with, what I am going to write, I want Consumers to understand the logic that may exist in the minds of those selling hearing aids. Their mentality is, that they should charge as much as they can for the Hearing Aids they are selling, because that is the only source of revenue, thus income, that they have.

Pay attention.

Everybody, including Senior Citizens, the Primary Consumers and Purchasers, of Hearing Aids, when they sell their homes, or anything else they own, attempts to get as much money as they can for their property.

That logic then, is fair game for anyone doing business with Senior Citizens, or anyone else.

We live in a Society which is driven by money and profit.

Those selling Homes, are no different than those selling cars, or Hearing Aids. They want to get as much as they can for their products and services.

It is up to the Consumer to realize they have an adversarial relationship with their Provider. Whether it be a Medical Doctor, a Hospital, an Auto Repair Center, or a Hearing Aid Dispenser (anyone who sells hearing aids, whatever they call themselves).

Buy a Hearing Aid the same way you shop for any product or service. Shop around for the best deal. Do your homework. Don't be taken advantage of. Use your judgement and common sense.

Buyer Beware

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You are so right!!! Thats why you have to keep going back for adjustments, It is nerve racking!! you would never accept this from your eye doctor so why from a hearing specialist!

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