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A Company called AMPLIFON (Italy) owns the MIRACLE-EAR BRAND (NAME) and they also operate concession Hearing Aid Centers in WAL-MART Super Centers in some States. They also own SONUS Hearing Aids.

AMPLIFON does not manufacture hearing aids. They are a Marketing Company. SIEMENS manufacturers hearing aids for AMPLIFON under various Brand Names.

Not being in an area where WAL-MART sells Hearing Aids, I am unaware of AMPLIFON advertising,marketing,and sales practices.

I am aware of their activities through SEARS locations.

There is no doubt in my mind that WAL-MART would never tolerate what is going on through the SEARS Hearing Aid Centers.

AMPLIFON must also know that.

WAL-MART is so strict and ethical they do not condone even the passing of gas by ANYONE (Muchless their Employees) in WAL-MART premises.

Deception seems to be a common practice by AMPLIFON advertising.

Any Student of Business, Marketing,Advertising,or Sales, should follow (track) MIRACLE-EAR and BELTONE hearing aid advertising as an example as to how NOT TO DO IT.

The Management of both Companies must have done their Graduate work at the University of J.T.Barnum.

There is a sucker born every minute.

How can a legitimate Business have at it's core, a premise of deception?

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Middletown, Connecticut, United States #937973

i have read more than half of your postings on this site. i wish that there were more people in the business world like you.

you are intelligent, dedicated, energetic, ethical, etc... may you be happy for all time. forget your naysayers. they are the *** and the unethical competition.

you rock. god bless you.

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